timdrakeisgay replied to your post: um so i have never watched porn before…

Porn’s gross trust me

i know

i don’t really get why people watch it

but i’ve always assumed i just hadn’t seen the good stuff

  1. pokethetriforce said: Porn is a joke. Watch it when you’re feeling down and you’ll laugh yourself right back into a good mood. Really, it’s that funny.
  2. inactive-cheatcommandos said: yo if ur watchin porn put on some ska in the background and it’ll be 100000x better
  3. tazertots said: I wish you luck on your porn quest
  4. mcclls said: yes omg tasteful porn is SO RARE WOW but there are a few blogs on here that post tasteful stuff sigh
  5. woodforthetrees said: eh not all of it is hmm I guess it depends on what you’re into
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